Zero Day 2020 VFX Camera Track

Format: Visual Effects
Role: Camera Track Artist
Type: Feature Film
Year: 2020
Pixel Farm PFTrack
Autodesk 3dsmax

Zero Day Movie 2020
Zero Day 2020 VFX 3D Camera Track

Zero Day is a 2020 Action⁄Drama⁄Thriller movie directed and produced by Saeid Malekan. The movie has nominated in 7 categories at the 38th Fajr Film Festival, in which has won 5 awards.


Zero Day was in a high pressure deadline when the original vfx staff came to realize they'd need to outsource sequences to meet the Fajr Film Festival timing requirement.

So Reza Misaghi (Zero Day VFX Supervisor) offered our team at Bluejay Production House to work on airplane interior scenes, which we took as appreciation.

Zero Day at 38th Fajr Film Festival
Zero Day 2020 Film Poster at 38th Fajr Film Festival

Camera Matchmoving

I was solely responsible for 3d tracking over 20 shots of the airplane interior scenes in a week time so they could get in the composite stage as soon as possible.

Camera Track

Hopefully the production crew were absolute professionals, and the whole footages were supervised fair enough to reduce the technical challenges as much as possible. I had to go overdue for a couple days to get a clean and reliable result though. But I guess the final movie came out to be worth the hard work everyone has put through.