Shoma TV Intros⁄Outros

Format: Compound Video⁄FX
Role: TD & CC
Type: Broadcast Intros⁄Outros
Year: 2012
3D's Max
IRIB Shoma TV Channel Intros
Shoma TV Intros Outros 2012
Client: IRIB Shoma TV
Director: Hossein PahlavanZadeh
Motion Graphics, CC & TD: Parham Salamati

In 2012, I had a project series come in from one of IRIB's newly broadcasting channels called Shoma TV [aka Your TV] for Technical Direction. The series have been directed by “Hossein Pahlavan Zadeh“ and I was responsible for Post Production pipeline and all the things that goes with it.


In order for us to be able to wrap up the intros and outros, we had to come up with a logo animation first. So I designed one based on a smooth motion that came to be a triple-revealing logo-motion.

Shoma TV Logo Motion Design

Shoma TV Intro 1

Shoma TV Intro 2
Shoma TV Intro 3

Shoma TV Intro 4

Shoma TV Intro 5