M2M Condos Archviz

Format: Compound Archviz
Role: Generalist TD
Type: Architectural Visualization
Year: 2018
Autodesk 3D's Max
Adobe After Effects
The Pixel Farm PFTrack
M2M Condos Architectural Visualization
Z8oon Animation Group M2M Condos Architectural Visualization
Agency: Z8oon Animation Group
Client: Aoyuan International
Project Manager: Fattah Ramezani
Supervisor: Sa'eed Aghakhani
3D Generalist & TD: Parham Salamati

M2M Condos is a new condo development by Aoyuan International currently in preconstruction at 5915 Yonge Street, Toronto. The development is scheduled for completion in 2022. M2M Condos has a total of 810 units. Sizes range from 424 to 1255 square feet.


M2M Condos Archviz was a contract job through Z8oon Animation Group's architectural department that due to an over-work situation and a tight deadline was partially outsourced to me.

The team at Z8oon are one of the most professional colleagues of mine, whom we actually had the chance to meet on this very project.

First phase of the project was invested on creating a previsual montage, based on the pre-recorded footages of the construction site in Toronto CA.

Construction Site Previsuals

I had to 3D track 17 Dji shots in 3 days (In which pretty much was a record for me at the time!) so I could spend the rest of the time we had on layout & scene setup.

Construction Site Previsuals

In the meantime, Sa'eed Aghakhani (Z8oon Animation Group CG/TD) was a great deal of help in managing and organizing the assets & resources we needed to run the pipeline as smoothly as possible. Believe me, He's a resource ninja!

Render Optimization & Integration

We were on a very tight deadline and low budget for the video presentation to be done, so to meet the expectations as fast as we could had been a challenge.

M2M Condos Toronto

Considering render farm costs and timeline pressures, I had to optimize-to-the-bone of each shot somehow so we do not exceed an average 20 Ghz/h per frame process. (Which honestly, is way below the average process power actually needed for a decent look)

M2M Condos Toronto

You can check out Z8oon Animation Group Official Homepage to see more of their work.