Oxin Academy TV Commercial

Format: Compound Video & VFX
Role: Technical Director ⁄ Supervisor
Type: TV Commercial
Year: 2010
Autodesk 3D's Max
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Lemon Film's Oxin Academy TV Commercial
Oxin Academy TVC 2010
Agency: Lemon Films Ltd
Director: Hesam Farahmand
Logo Animation: Reza Akhlaghi
Composite: Ronnie Mkhitarian
FX TD & Animation: Parham Salamati

This one was my first assignment in Lemon Films Pro back in 2010. Oxin was a tough challenge for me, It was my first production-level advanced rig and supervise experience, and it took me 3 full days of R&D before I could start getting my hands dirty and create anything! However, the outcome was worth the pressure :)


The commercial was a cover asked by a customer, and Lemon Films production crew has taken footages. I was assigned as a TD and supervisor to manage creating a 3D woodpecker. As the company was already passing other projects' deadline, the whole post-production stage had to be carried by me and a cool compositor named Ronnie Mkhitarian which we later ended up being friends!.

Oxin TV Commercial

So obviously every 3D stage was done by me, and final rendered frames was handled by Ronnie in composite. Except for the motion graphic 3D logo part, which was done before by Reza Akhlaghi for the whole series.

3D Woodpceker

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Lemon Films Reel

* Please be advised: My participation in this reel is limited:

  • 3D Circus: Environment Artist & Lighting Artist
  • Sina Bank TVC: 3D Modeler
  • Samsung Elephant TVC: 3D Modeler