Hashtag Khale Sooskeh VFX

Format: Compound VFX
Role: Visual Effects TD / VFX Artist
Type: VFX
Year: 2019
Autodesk 3dsmax
Pixel Farm PFTrack
Adobe After Effects
Hashtag Khale Sooskeh Visual Effects
Hashtag Khale Sooskeh Series Visual Effects
VFX Agency: Bluejay Production House
Director: Mohammad Moslemi
Producer: Hasan Mostafavi
Publisher: Sarv Resaneh Parsian Institute
FX TD & Animation (Ltd): Parham Salamati

Hashtag Khale Sooskeh is a musical home series directed by Mohammad Moslemi and produced by Hasan Mostafavi. The series is rated TV-Y7 and is published at February 2019 by Sarv Resaneh Parsian Institute in Iran. The visual effects of the first 3 episodes of the very first season is done by Bluejay Production House, a VFX company based in Tehran.


The 8th sequence of the 3rd episode involved the Div's Heart Orb on screen. So the whole sequence's visual effects became an outsourced project to me through Bluejay.

Khale Sooskeh S01E03 SEQ08

The Heart Orb

The Heart Orb base design was done by AhmadReza AfsharMoghadam before the sequence had been assigned to me as a whole:

Heart Orb Base Design by AhmadReza AfsharMoghadam
Hashtag Khale sooskeh Heart Orb Base Design

After some revisions and composite retries, I had to come up with some tweaks and a new idea to change the look for a smoother blend. So the base 3d design stayed the same with some minor changes to the shaders and materials, while I added an spherical particle orb effect by the means of composite-time FX.

Heart Orb Design Process

Object Tracking

Tracking the orb position and rotation in a Three dimensional space was proven to be a serious challenge due to the shots being taken without CG Supervision.


Although it took more time and effort to track the shots than it should under a good supervision, in the end, tracking results came out to be more than appealing.


After the tracking stage was done, I put the shots to the queue for render & composite. And fortunately the final results exceeded the director's expectations at first review.