Jam Petrochemical Company Documentary Animation

Format: Full 3D
Role: Generalist TD
Type: Documentary Animation
Year: 2017
Autodesk 3D's Max
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Jam Petrochemical Company Animation
Jam Petrochemical company documentary animation
Agency: Bluejay Production House
Client: Jam Petrochemical Company
Supervisor & Composite TD: Mehdi Ghezelloo
3D Assets, Lighting & Rendering: AhmadReza AfsharMoghadam
Storyboard: Hossein BayatiFard
Character TD, Animation & Rendering: Parham Salamati
Render Farm: Simorq Render Farm Solutions

Jam Petrochemical Company is a high capacity petrochemical producer based in Iran. It is also among the largest producers of petrochemical products around the globe. So making documentary videos concerning self-protection for employees is of critical importance to reduce work accident tragedies as much as possible.

Project Management

Jam Petrochemical documentary animation was a contract project managed and produced through Bluejay Production House's CEOs Mehdi Qezelloo & AhmadReza AfsharMoghadam.

The project however needed to be split in two main parts to meet the required deadline. So all the scenes containing Motion Graphics & Static Environments was to be done by Bluejay Production House, And the rest of the shots including Character Animation & Cloth Simulation to be handled by me as a freelance job.


Hossein Bayatifard is one of the best storyboard artists I know in the industry. He's also an old friend of mine (which is a bless) whom did a great job illustrating what would the final animation be like.

JPC Animation Storyboard
Jam Petrochemical Company documentary animation storyboard

Character Design

The story needed 7 characters: Three engineers, Two medical assistants, and Two firefighters, And we were on a tight deadline.


So I decided to outsource a general male body so we could have a base mesh in Four days, and tweak that general base mesh to generate all Seven characters. That would reduce the uv unwrap & rigging times and cost up to seventh of what would normally be.

Medical Assistances

Base mesh design was done by a nice friend of mine Tohid Razavi so I could generate the whole characters based on, and the clothes were created by my talented wife Shabnam Esfandiari to complete the process.



We were on a very tight deadline and everything should've been done in about Forty days. So I had to layout the scenes as fast as I could, and animate each shot's characters so Shabnam could simultaneously put the cloth simulations to work and give me realtime feedback on any coming-up errors.

Scene Layouts

The final animation has been accessible through JPC's official Aparat account. you can also see the Bluejay Production House's official portal for more information.

JPC Documentary Animation

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You can also check out Hossein Bayatifard's Instagram page here to see more of his awesome works.