IRIB News Broadcast Design

Format: Broadcast Design
Role: Generalist / TD / Motion Graphics Artist
Type: National TV Broadcasting Channel News
Year: 2020
Autodesk 3dsmax
Adobe After Effects
Blackmagic Fusion
IRIB News Broadcast Design
IRIB News Broadcast Design
Producer: IRIB News Political Unit
Executive Production: Bluejay Production House
Project Manager: Habib Rezayi
Production Manager: Reza Akbari
Design Lead: Morteza Jahanpour
Logo Design: AliReza AfsharMoghadam
Render & Composite: AhmadReza AfsharMoghadam, Mehdi Ghezelloo
Previs & Motion Graphics: Parham Salamati
Concept Design: Sajad Mirmoini

IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) is the Iranians government main stream television broadcaster and IRIB News One is it's frontier Four session news program broadcasted nationally on Channel One.

Broadcast Design

Project was contracted to Bluejay Production House as a full package. The design stage was the main challenge, as it was going to be at least a decade of news broadcasting frontier for IRIB.

So the studio put a full month on designing the overall graphics, starting with the logo and building on top of it, and offered 3 different base designs that unfortunately got all rejected due to the high sensitivity of the political unit reviewers on forms.

Logo Design Concepts
IRIB News logo design concepts

Change in Approach

After the first phase has been denied by the IRIB news revision department, Bluejay had to change the approach for design, and to achieve this, we had to start with the forms.

The base idea came from one of the IRIB's broadcast design veterans Morteza Jahanpour and he almost coached the process for graphics to the end. Amazing guy if you ask me! Personally I learned a lot from him during the design process. He has some of his previous works here on Behance and here on Instagram if you are interested to see more.

Form-Base Approach
IRIB News Identity Frequency Form Design
A frequency form has been approved as the main characteristic of the whole design.

Story-Based Previsuals

News on a broadcasting channel does involve a huge amount of items in the whole package. That being said, we took the story-based approach for designing the items so we can reasonably interconnect the underlying concept to the forms we already had.

News Opening
News Opening motion concept -Stories by Morteza Jahanpour

Stories mostly contain the main form character "frequency" that represents the real news being gathered from around the globe, processed and redirected worldwide.

News Ending
News Ending motion concept -Previsuals by Parham Salamati

Rendering & Look Development

When it comes to LookDev, AhmadReza AfsharMoghadam is of the best that has a keen eye for details and color harmony. So the main LookDev stage for almost all the main 3D motions were trusted to him.

Titles Ending
Rendering & Look Developments by AhmadReza AfsharMoghadam

On Screen Items

On-Screen Items (aka. HUDs) are a critical part of any news package broadcast design. Main design procedure were coached by Morteza Jahanpour and executed by Sajad Mirmoini.

HUD Concepts
IRIB On-Screen Design Concepts
HUD Concepts by Sajad Mirmoini

The final approved design was completely done by Morteza Jahanpour and the motions & packaging was done by me.

IRIB On-Screen Items
Final On-Screen Graphics by Morteza Jahanpour, Motion Graphics by Parham Salamati

Weather Section

Prayer Times

For more information on Bluejay Production House, you can visit their Official Website.