Golrang Kids Shampoo TV Commercial

Format: Compound Footage / VFX
Role: Camera Track Artist & 3D Generalist TD
Type: TV Commercial
Year: 2017
Autodesk 3D's Max
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Golrang Kids Shampoo TV Commercial
Golrang Shampoo for Kids TV Commercial VFX
Agency: Agahsazan Advertising Agency
Client: Golrang Industrial Group
Director: Kiarash Asadizadeh
Supervisor & Composite TD: Mehdi Ghezelloo
LookDev, Lighting & Rendering: AhmadReza AfsharMoghadam
Camera Track, Layout & Rendering: Parham Salamati

Golrang Industrial Group (aka GIG) consists of nearly 100 subsidiaries, operating in regional, national and international levels, and in diverse fields of business, including: Hygiene and detergent, food industries, pharmaceutical industries, cellulose industry, distribution and sales, cosmetics, automotive industry, oil and gas, petrochemical, mine, energy, construction, international trading services, printing and packaging, insurance services, transportation, manufacturing polymer and plastic products, education services, information technology, industrial kitchen equipment. - Wikipedia

Construction vs Visualisation

This project was planned for a full decoration and props construction in the first place. However, the casting and studio costs grew as much as it way passed the budget in the production phase due to some miscalculations! (Things happen, you know :D)

So the project manager and our CG department chief came to conclude the solution would be to skip the construction and props decorating somehow by visualising them in post production phase.

That means we had to create the whole props in CG and layout them to create specific studio environments to interact with our green screen shots. I'd say I enjoyed watching the result :D


Props design stage has already been done aiming for construction purposes, so it only took me Two days to create the assets and another Two to layout the scenes and pass them for Look Dev and Lighting to Ahmadreza.

Props & Layout
Golrang Kids Shampoo TV Commercial CG Props and Layout
- CG Props layout by Parham Salamati

Green Screen Shots
Golrang Kids Shampoo TV Commercial behind the scenes

Camera Track, Layout & Composite

A rough cut version of the commercial was provided by director Kiarash Asadizadeh to the post production department so we can start moving forward.

I was responsible for camera track and layout the scenes, AhmadReza AfsharMoghadam was our lighting & rendering setup guru, and Mehdi Ghezelloo did the supervision and composite stage.

Before & After

Golrang Shampoo Commercial

Final result was a nice musical commercial that was praised by the production crew and the project manager, as it made us all survive almost twice the budget it was originally planned for! And to be honest, I believe it is pretty much better than what it would look like with all the decoration and props constructions and stuff :)

Final TVC

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