Exxeo Piano Logo Reveal

Format: Full 3D
Role: Generalist TD
Type: Logo Reveal
Year: 2019
Autodesk 3dsmax
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Exxeo Logo Reveal
Exxeo Logo Reveal
Agency: Artzibaa
Client: iMan Studios
Director: Ehsan Maghsoudi
Project Manager: Mrs. Mona
3D Generalist & TD: Parham Salamati

Exxeo is a new designer piano that has appeared on the scene, and to say that it is visually striking is something of an understatement. It is called EXXEO, and in the words of the manufacturer, “it is an award-winning art piece, a futuristic sculpture that brings music to life”.    -World Piano News


Exxeo is a luxury, modernized conceptual piano designed by an award-winning designer Iman Maghsoudi.

Iman Maghsoudi - Exxeo Designer
Iman Maghsoudi - Exxeo Piano Designer

He is also the founder and CEO of iMan Design Studio that has a long history of amazing and unique design solutions.

Due to the high luxurius sensitivity of the matter, we extracted 8 lighting scenarios to give us a wide variety of possibilities in the composite stage to create a stunning spot-reveal style outcome.

Light Layers


Revealing process had to be based on the Exxeo moto Exoticness & Elegancy, so it took it's time and effort to make the lighting layers comply to the fully customized reaviling process.

Exxeo Reveal

If you want to see more from this amazing piece of art, you can check out Exxeo's Official YouTube Channel alongside their Official Webpage.