Snowa TV Commercial

Format: 3D Animation
Role: Animator
Type: TVC
Year: 2008
3D's Max
Snowa Oven TVC
Bluejay VFX Snowa Oven TVC 2008
Agency: Aftab Net Co.
Director: Mehdi Ghezelloo
Producer: Maziar Habibinia
Composite TD: Reza Misaghi
Character Designer: Mohammad Aflaak
Animators: Hamed Aghajani | Navid Amini | Parham Salamati

A joyful experience in BlueJay Production House back in 2008! I was a junior generalist tasked to animate a bunch of cute tomatoes! Snowa's oven commercial was directed by “Mehdi Qezelloo”(BlueJay VFX CEO/Director) and was one of the few projects being fully 3d animation back then.

Snowa TVC 2008

About BluejayVFX

I believe BlueJay is one of the most creative studios in the VFX and Animation industry in Tehran. It was there when I stepped a couple stairs upper than being just a junior generalist. Reza Misaghi(BlueJay VFX TD/Manager) and Mehdi Qezelloo played an effective role to help me push my boundaries further in a joyful production workflow while handling deadline pressures. If you're curious to know a bit more about them, here is their home.

BlueJay Demo Reel 2011

* Please be Advised: My participation in this reel is limited, so keep in mind:

  • Snowa TVC: animator
  • Samsung monitor TVCs: animator
  • Sina Bank TVC: 3D Modeler
  • Bluejay Demo Reel 2012

    * Please be advised: Nothing in this VFX reel is participated by me.

    For the latest outcomes of this amazing studio, you can check out their website at Bluejay Production House Official.