Digikala Smart Buy Commercial

Format: Full 3D
Role: 3D Modeler
Type: Commercial
Year: 2014
Autodesk 3D's Max
Adobe Photoshop

Artman Film Digikala Commercial
Digikala smart buy campaign commercial
Agency: Artman Films
Client: Digikala
Supervisor & Composite TD: Reza Akhlaghi
3D Assets: Parham Salamati

This TV commercial was directed by “Reza Akhlaghi”(Artman Film Director/CEO) in early 2015. He's a talented director and he always comes up with unique minimal ideas in advertising, which makes him a joy to work with. I was a freelance contract responsible for creating the assets used in Artman Studio's Digikala commercial.


I was given two HQ tasks, modeling assets that were going to be in an objective approach of a commercial looking assets. It was not looking like a big deal, as the models themselves were simply two fans. But the actual joy came to happen after I watched the commercial and see what was behind two simple models, and that's worth sharing! :D

Modern Fan
3D Modern Fan

Not to mention that I've spent 2 hours modeling the modern fan, and then spend another 2 hours making the back-end of the fan look as engineered as possible in director's eyes! Yep, Reza Akhlaghi is a kind of highly sensitive to CURVES, and he has a catchy eye on that! ;)

Traditional Hand Fan
3d traditional hand fan

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Digikala Commercial