ArtGap Motion Graphics

Format: 2D MoGraphs
Role: Motion Graphics Artist
Type: Motion Graphics
Year: 2019
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
Artziba Artgap Motion Graphics
ArtGap Motion Graphics
Agency: Artziba
Client: Artziba
Producer: Ehsan Maghsoudi
Director: Shadab FarzanehPour
Motion Graphics: Parham Salamati

ArtGap is a social-artistic documentary series that is branched under ArtZiba community group. It covers artist's point of view alongside promoting their art through each episode.

ArtZiba is an E-Commerce platform specifically designed to promote & sell Art goods in Iran, Managed by Ehsan Maghsoudi as CEO.


ArtGap had already borrowed the basis of it's main platform identity "ArtZiba". So it was more the matter of motion design to fill the gaps.

The direction process was done by Shadab Farzanehpour for the whole package, and my responsibility was to put the ideas to motion so we can see what the magic brings us.

Artgap Motion Graphics

Shadab is a very versatile director to work with, and she's good at making the points through this process. That makes her a joy to work with when it comes to playing around with the subject. I had almost no frustration in the progress and kid of enjoyed it as well.

Transition Drafts


After some revisions, the whole package started to take form.

End Credits

Opening Titles

Artgap has currently been on it's 5th episode hosted by Artziba community.

If you want to see more from either Artziba or Artgap, you can check out their Official Portal here.