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Parham Salamati (pronunciation:[pærhäm sælämæti] born April 4th 1989) is an Iranian computer graphics generalist & photographer, mostly known for his general skills in the TVC and 3D Animation fields.

He was born in Tehran and found his best interest in computer graphics after midschool in early 2000. So he attended IRIB [Iranian National Media and Broadcasting] school in 2003, educating basics of media production and art. After high school, he continued his path on animation field through IRIB University in 2007 and graduated on 2011.

Parham began his career as a 3d modeler and animator back in 2007 in a small company called "7th art view". He shortly found his path through "Rasa Animation Studio" and started his first future animation experience as an animator on "Simorq's Heart" directed by "Vahid Nasirian". Soon he figured out his best taste on TV Commercials field and kept spreading his career by working with some of the top TVC Agencies in Tehran. As of today he stands as a CG Generalist who have experienced teamwork pipeline in Pendareh Animation Studio, Lemon Films Production, BlueJay Studio, Artman Films, Alternative Zero and Alen Production.